Data Sciences

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Ecole Polytechnique, Télécom ParisTech, Université Paris Sud, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan, ENSAE.

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Data science combines mathematical modeling, statistics, IT, visualization, and applications. It aims to move from data storage and dissemination to knowledge creation.

This transition from data to knowledge is raising many challenges, which require an interdisciplinary approach. Data science relies heavily on statistical data processing (mathematical statistics, numerical statistics, statistical learning, and machine learning). In order to develop knowledge extraction methods to a big-data scale, expert knowledge of parallelization mechanisms and calculation distribution, access methods and very large scale, real-time database searches is required. This big scale influences how knowledge extraction and statistical inference algorithms are designed, driving the use of new tools from various branches of mathematics (functional analysis, numerical analysis, convex and non-convex optimization) relating to knowledge acquisition.

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This degree program combines courses in theory and methodology with ’full-scale’ projects. It draws on all aspects of data science, from acquisition to use and analysis. A significant part of the degree program is validated by projects. One of the original features of this degree is its use of innovative educational methods, such as project-based learning and participation in data science competitions (Kaggle).

The master program ends with an internship of at least 4 months, starting on April 1st.
It must address a real scientific challenge and it must be approved by a lecturer on the Master’s degree.

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Find all informations (courses, admission, planning, etc) on the web page:

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Eric Moulines
Erwan Le Pennec

Secretariat: Sandra Schnakenbourg

credit photo: DARPA