Quantizations of nilpotent orbits and their covers

Mardi 19 février 2019 14:15-15:15 - Ivan Loseu - Northeastern University

Résumé : When one has a smooth symplectic manifold or a smooth algebraic varieties one can talk about their deformation quantizations — sheaves of algebras deforming the structure sheaf with some compatibilities with the symplectic form. An interesting class of symplectic manifolds/varieties is the coadjoint orbits for Lie/algebraic groups and their equivariant covers. And one of the most interesting— and relevant to Representation theory — among those are nilpotent orbits in semisimple Lie algebras (and the covers of such orbits). In my talk I will survey recent results on the classification of quantizations of the nilpotent orbits and their covers.

Quantizations of nilpotent orbits and their covers  Version PDF