Computer-assisted proofs in Dynamical Systems

Jeudi 5 avril 2018 14:00-15:00 - Warwick Tucker - Uppsala University and Collegium de Lyon

Résumé : In this talk, we will describe some problems taken from the field of Dynamical Systems, and show how they were successfully solved by computer-assisted proofs. Although the mathematical techniques used when solving these problems vary a lot, the computational parts all share a common foundation : interval analysis. We will give a short introduction to this field of computing, and see how it was applied to help solve the presented problems. The mathematics specific to each problem will also be discussed.

Lieu : IMO, salle 2L8

Notes de dernières minutes : Café culture assuré à 13h15 par Marc Mezzarobba (LIP 6)

Computer-assisted proofs in Dynamical Systems  Version PDF