Multiplicative Hankel matrices

Jeudi 23 novembre 2017 14:15-15:15 - Alexander Pushnitski - King's College London

Résumé : A Hankel matrix is a matrix whose (n,m)’th element depends on the sum n+m.
A Helson matrix (also known as a multiplicative Hankel matrix) is a matrix
whose (n,m)’th element depends on the product nm.
I will discuss how such matrices appear naturally in the study of Dirichlet
series and consider some examples.
I will attempt to compare the well established classical theory of
Hankel matrices with the theory of Helson matrices, which is yet in its infancy.
This is joint work with Karl-Mikael Perfekt and Nazar Miheisi.

Lieu : Bât 425, salle 113-115

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