On arithmeticity of lattices in rank 1 groups

Jeudi 24 octobre 2019 14:00-15:00 - Uri Bader - Weizmann Institute of Science

Résumé : Fundamental groups of compact (real or complex) hyperbolic manifolds may or may not be arithmetic.
This is in contrast to other types of locally symmetric spaces, where such groups are necessarily arithmetic.
In my talk I will explain these statements and survey their background. Then I will focus on a recent result : if the manifolds posses infinitely many totally geodesic hyper surfaces then its fundamental group is arithmetic.
Based on a joint work with Fisher, Miller and Stover.

Lieu : IMO, salle 2L8

Notes de dernières minutes : L’exposé sera précédé d’un café culturel assuré à 13h par Pierre Pansu.

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