Resonances for obstacles in hyperbolic space

Jeudi 16 novembre 2017 15:45-16:45 - Maciej Zworski - UC Berkeley

Résumé : We consider scattering by star-shaped obstacles in hyperbolic space and show that resonance widths satisfy a universal bound 1/2 which is optimal in dimension 2. That is dramatically different from Euclidean scattering where in (odd dimensions) the resonance width goes to 0 as the diameter of obstacle goes to infinity. In odd dimensions (in hyperbolic space) we also show that the resonance width is also bouded by m/R for a universal constant m, where R is the (hyperbolic) diameter of the obstacle ; this gives an improvement for small obstacles. In dimensions 3 and higher the proofs follow the classical vector field approach of Morawetz but in dimension 2 we obtain our bound by working with spaces coming from general relativity. We also show that in odd dimensions resonances of small obstacles are close, in a suitable sense, to Euclidean resonances. The talk is based on joint work with P Hintz.

Lieu : Bât 425, salle 113-115

Resonances for obstacles in hyperbolic space  Version PDF