Semi-global Kuranishi charts and contact homology

Vendredi 14 octobre 2016 14:00-15:00 - Erkao Bao - UCLA et Nantes

Résumé : Contact homology was proposed and studied by Eliashbergy, Givental and Hofer 16 years ago. It is a very powerful tool to distinguish different contact structures. However, the rigorous definition did not come out until last year. In this talk, we will first see that the naive definition does not work because the moduli spaces of J-holomorphic curves that we count to define the differential of contact homology are not transversally cut out. In order to achieve transversality, we will use a simplified version of the Kuranishi perturbation theory, consisting of « semi-global Kuranishi charts ». This is a joint work with Ko Honda.

Lieu : Laboratoire de Mathématiques de Nantes

Semi-global Kuranishi charts and contact homology  Version PDF