Symplectic resolutions of quiver varieties

Mardi 23 mai 2017 14:15-15:15 - Gwyn Bellamy - University of Glasgow

Résumé : Quiver varieties, as introduced by Nakaijma, play a key role in representation theory. They give a very large class of symplectic singularities and, in many cases, their symplectic resolutions too. However, there seems to be no general criterion in the literature for when a quiver variety admits a symplectic resolution. In this talk I will give necessary and sufficient conditions for a quiver variety to admit a symplectic resolution. This result builds upon work of Crawley-Boevey and of Kaledin, Lehn and Sorger. The talk is based on joint work with T. Schedler.

Lieu : Bât. 425, Salle 117-119

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