Some new estimates on Gaussian multiplicative chaos

Jeudi 11 octobre 2018 15:45-16:45 - Vincent Vargas - ENS - DMA

Résumé : Gaussian multiplicative chaos (GMC), introduced by Kahane in
1985, enables to define multifractal random measures formally defined by
the exponential of a log-correlated field. Recently, GMC has appeared in a
wide variety of contexts : Liouville gravity, Coulomb gases, the Riemann
zeta function, etc... In this talk, I will present recent elementary
estimates on GMC : tail expansions and small deviations. If time permits, I
will discuss applications of these results to the construction of a new
form of gravity predicted by string theorists which can be seen as the
quantum analogue of Kahler geometry.
Based on works with Lacoin and Rhodes.

Lieu : 3L15

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