Thom polynomials and multipoint formulas

Mercredi 22 avril 13:55-16:00 - Andras Szenes - Université de Genève

Résumé : Global singularity theory deals with topological obstructions to the existence of various types of singularities of maps.
The subject has its beginnings in the works of Thom in the 50s, then Damon in 70s, who described the general form of the single point formulas.
Multipoint formulas are a classical subject which were the systematically studied by Kleiman and Katz in the 80’s. Finally, in the last 20 years, Kazarian and Rimanyi came up with a stunning set of conjectures linking the two problems. I will describe all this, as well as recent joint work with G. Berczi on a promising approach to these conjectures.

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