Homogeneous hypersurfaces in \mathbb C^3

Lundi 11 février 2019 14:00-15:00 - Alexander Isaev - Mathematical Sciences Institute (Australian National University)

Résumé : We consider a family M_t^n, n\ge 2, t>1, of real hypersurfaces in a complex affine n-dimensional quadric arising in connection with the classification, due to Morimoto and Nagano, of homogeneous compact real-analytic simply-connected hypersurfaces in \mathbb C^n. In order to finalize their classification, one needs to resolve the problem of the embeddability of M_t^n in \mathbb C^n for n=3,7. It is not hard to show that M_t^7 does not embed in \mathbb C^7 for every value of t. Furthermore, we prove that M_t^3 does embed in \mathbb C^3 for all 1<t<\sqrt(2+\sqrt2)/3. This result follows by analysing the explicit totally real embedding of the sphere S^3 in \mathbb C^3 constructed by Ahern and Rudin. For t\ge \sqrt(2+\sqrt2)/3 the embeddability problem for M_t^3 remains open.

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