6 mars 2020

Daniel Perez (Université Paris-sud)
On properties of (trigonometric) polynomials

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Lieu : Salle 3L15 - Institut de mathtématiques d’Orsay

Résumé : The study of trigonometric polynomials is one with a rich history. In this talk, we will mostly concern ourselves with the roots of such polynomials of fixed degree n and in particular, we will give an explicit algorithm to find these roots. In order to achieve this, we will explore the theory of equirepartition of roots of ordinary polynomials by Erdős and Turán with a bit of potential. In a subsequent part of the talk, we will examine the properties of trigonometric polynomials in the probabilistic setting and give some interesting results concerning the properties of these objects (expected number of zeros, law of suprema, limiting objects when they exist...).

On properties of (trigonometric) polynomials  Version PDF

Evgenii Chzhen (LMO)
Algorithmic Fairness in Classification and Regression

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Lieu : 3L8 (IMO)

Résumé : The goal of this talk is to introduce the audience to the problem of algorithmic fairness. In the first part, I will provide a general overview on the topic, describe various available frameworks of fairness in classification and regression, and present main approaches to tackle this problem. In the second part, I will present some very recent theoretical results both in classification and regression.

Algorithmic Fairness in Classification and Regression  Version PDF

Hiroshi Matano (Meiji University)
Front propagation in the farmer and hunter-gatherer model

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Lieu : IMO, Salle 3L15

Résumé : In 1996, K. Aoki, M. Shida and N. Shigesada proposed a reaction-diffusion model describing the spreading of farming in Europe
during the Noelithic era. It is a three-species reaction-diffusion system. More recently, a number of modified models have been proposed
by M. Mimura and other people. In this lecture, I will make a brief review of the recent developments in this field, and discuss spreading
properties for a spatially periodic extension of the Aoki-Shida-Shigesada model. This is joint work with Ryunosuke Mori.

Front propagation in the farmer and hunter-gatherer model  Version PDF