PhD students:

Yannick Bonthonneau, 2012-2015, thesis defended on July 10, 2015, entitled Resonances du Laplacien sur les varietes a pointes.
Yannick is Charge de Recherche CNRS in Rennes since 2016

Charles Hadfield, 2014-2017, thesis defended in June 2017 at ENS Paris, entitled Structures de Clifford paires et resonances quantiques.
Charles was postdoc in Berkeley, then researcher at Rigetti (Berkeley) and now at IBM (NY)

Thibault Lefeuvre, 2017-2020, thesis defende in december 2019 at Orsay, entitled On the rigidity of Riemannian manifolds
Thibault is Charge de Recherche CNRS in Sorbonne Universite.

Yann Chaubet, 2019-2022, thesis defended on September 12th, 2022, entitled Sur quelques applications geometriques de la theorie spectrale des flots hyperboliques.
Yann is starting a Maitre de Conference position in september 2023 in Universite de Nantes.

Baptiste Cercle, 2020-2023, thesis defended in June 30th 2023,entitled Une approche probabiliste des theories conformes des champs de Toda on Conformal Field Theory, Toda models and AGT (codirection with V. Vargas).

My actual ADUM number is 47574 (Ecole Doctorale Mathematiques Hadamard EDMH)