Workshop The geometry of the Frobenius automorphism

Slides from some lectures and preliminary Lecture Notes

List of participants

Slides and some notes - More to come soon

Slides From Jean Benoit Bost's Lectures (Monday and Tuesday morning)
Talk 1: Geometric formulations of Hrushovski's Main Theorem
Talk 2: Comments on Hrushovski's Main Theorem (Geometric)
Talk 3: Concerning sigma-Schemes

Some lecture Notes on Difference Algebra
Introduction to Difference algebra Talk by Alice Medvedev.
More Difference algebra Talk by Zoe Chatzidakis
Upperbound lemmas - Control of multiplicities Talks by Piotr Kowalski and Françoise Point

Notes on co-analyzability by the "Berkeley group" (Talks by James Freitag and William Johnson)

Notes on section 8: Key Bounds for transformal specialization Talk by Martin Hils.

Preliminary notes by Damian Rossler of his talk on The smooth projective separable case

Notes on section 13: Equivalence of the infinite components Talks by Thomas Scanlon ("Putting everything together").