Here you can find the website of the IRN ReaDiNet : IRN ReaDiNet website.

The GDRI ReaDiNet (Reaction-diffusion Network in Mathematics and Biomedicine) is an International Research Group of CNRS composed of French, Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese researchers in the fields of mathematics, biology, medicine, and chemistry.

ReaDiNet's goal is to develop a better mathematical understanding of complex phenomena arising in biology, biomimetic systems, and medicine. More precisely its project bears on the modeling, the mathematical analysis, and the numerical simulations of reaction-diffusion processes involved in those domains. It will essentially focus on the following themes:

  1. propagation in inhomogeneous media,

  2. formation of spatio-temporal patterns, oscillatory instabilities and application to genetic processes,

  3. bacterial infections, micro-bacterial colonies and population dynamics in ecology,

  4. interface and spike dynamics,

  5. blow-up in finite time,

  6. numerics: numerical modeling in medecine and efficient simulations of the dynamics of the formation of complex patterns,

  7. another purpose will be to study probabilistic models, and in particular stochastic partial differential equation, sharp interface limits and large scale interacting systems.

These problems require a cooperative interdisciplinary research as well as regular and frequent exchanges between the participants. ReaDiNet is certain to benefit from the complementary experience and know-how of its members, who already have a history of working together.

Forthcoming event(s):

  • ReaDiNet 2019, Mathematical analysis for biology and ecology [link],
    University of Lorraine, Nancy, France, September 23-25, 2019 .