Rational and integral points with special reference to homogeneous spaces


Capital Normal University, Beijing, China


24-30 September 2012


Conference organised by


Jean-Louis Colliot-Thélène (CNRS et Université Paris-Sud, France)

David Harari (Université Paris-Sud, France)

Alexei Skorobogatov (Imperial College London, England)

Fei Xu (Capital Normal University, Beijing, China)


The aim of the conference is to bring together mathematicians working in the following areas:


rational and integral points (over number and function fields), descent and obstructions to

the local-global principle, arithmetic of linear algebraic groups and homogeneous spaces,

arithmetic of rationally connected varieties, the Brauer group, connections with topology

(Grothendieck’s section conjecture, étale homotopy), arithmetic of quadratic forms




M. Borovoi, R. de la Bretèche, F. Charles, C. Demarche, P. Gille, Yong Hu, Yongqi Liang,

M. Lieblich, L. Matthiesen, L. Moret-Bailly, R. Parimala, E. Peyre, T. Schlank, R. Schulze-Pillot,

T. Szamuely, A. Várilly-Alvarado, F. Voloch, Dasheng Wei, O. Wittenberg, Yi Zhu


For registration and all enquiries please contact Fei Xu [xufei(at)math.ac.cn].

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