J.-M. Bismut: Pascal et la théorie des probabilités (28 septembre 2023, Accademia dei Lincei, Pascal. Fonti e eredità Filosofia, letteratura, scienza).

J.-M. Bismut: From localization formulas to orbital integrals (4 septembre 2023): Exposé donné à la conférence en l'honneur de Michèle Vergne

J.-M. Bismut: 24 hours in the life of a mathematician (18 novembre 2021): Exposé donné au Hong Kong Laureate forum.

J.-M. Bismut: Coherent sheaves, superconnections and RRG (23 Août 2021, Conference on index theory and related topics,  Singapour)

J.-M. Bismut: Faisceaux cohérents, superconnexions et RRG (mai 2021, Atelier de géométrie différentielle, Montréal)

J.-M. Bismut: Fokker-Planck operators and the center of the enveloping algebra (February 2020, conference in honor of S. Shatashvili)

J.-M. Bismut: Lectures in Freiburg (May 2019) on 'Hypoelliptic Laplacian and applications'

J.-M. Bismut: A Riemann-Roch theorem in Bott-Chern cohomology (a lecture given at Banff on October 28th 2019)

J.-M. Bismut: A Riemann-Roch theorem in Bott-Chern cohomology (a lecture given at IAS on April 21 2014)

J.-M. Bismut: The hypoelliptic Laplacian: an introduction (a lecture given at I.A.S. Princeton on March 26th 2013)

J.-M. Bismut (IMPA, 25-26 2005): The hypoelliptic Laplacian.

J.-M. Bismut (ICM Berlin 1998): Local index theory and higher analytic torsion (the video is made available by IMU)

J.-M. Bismut (13th Annual Geometry festival, April 2-5 1998) Chern-Simons classes, Bott-Chern classes and analytic torsion