Brief presentation

I'm a postdoctoral researcher at IPSA and associated with the Laboratory of signals and systems (L2S) of CentraleSupélec and with the DISCO Team of Inria Saclay, working with Islam Boussaada. My current research focuses on the stability analysis of linear systems with delays through spectral methods, the main goal being understanding the link between multiple roots of the characteristic equation and their spectral dominancy.

I was formerly a Hadamard Lecturer postdoctoral researcher at the Mathematics Department of Paris–Sud University, Paris–Saclay University, working with Filippo Santambrogio on minimal-time mean field games.

Since September 2016, I hold a PhD on Applied Mathematics from École Polytechnique, Paris–Saclay University. My thesis is entitled Stability and stabilization of linear switched systems in finite and infinite dimensions, and was done under the supervision of Yacine Chitour and Mario Sigalotti.

I have an Electrical / Electronic Engineering degree from University of São Paulo, São Carlos School of Engineering, Brazil, and an Engineering degree from École Polytechnique, France. I obtained my master's degree on Applied Mathematics — Numerical Analysis and PDEs from École Polytechnique in 2013.

Research interests

  • Linear systems with delays.
  • Mean field games and optimal control.
  • Control of hyperbolic PDEs with time-varying parameters.
  • Stability and controllability of difference equations.
  • Random switched systems.
  • Stability of linear persistently excited systems.
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