Samuel Lelièvre

Mathematics, Orsay

Université Paris-Saclay

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I am a member of the topology and dynamics team in Orsay, I teach at the math department of the Science Faculty at Orsay.

• abelian and quadratic differentials, translation surfaces, polygonal billiards
• geometry and dynamics of Teichmüller space and moduli space
• square-tiled surfaces, counting, quasi-modular forms
• geometric group theory, random groups

      Dr Samuel Lelièvre
      Laboratoire de mathématique d'Orsay
      UMR 8628 CNRS / Université Paris-Sud
      Bâtiment 307, campus Orsay-vallée
      91405 Orsay cedex
office: building 307, door 2E20

samuel.lelievre @

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