The IRN is a structure affilated to the CNRS and associated to the GDR Théorie de Lie algébrique et géométrique.  The coordinator of the IRN is Anne Moreau (Université Paris-Saclay) and it is managed by the Laboratoire de Mathématiques d'Orsay.

The scientific commitee is  :
This IRN is a continuation of the IRN "Representation Theory" 2016-2020 coordinated by Nicolas Jacon.

    Operating mode

    The IRN is supported by the CNRS to the amount of 15k€ per year. It is meant to help mobility of researchers in representation theory between France, UK, Germany, Austria and Japan and to support representation theory (in the broad sense) conferences and workshops involving researchers based in France, UK, Germany, Austria or Japan.

    The operation mode is the following (between France, UK, Germany, Austria):
    1. Research visits. If a researcher based in one of these countries, let us say France, wants to visit a researcher from another country, let us Germany, then the visit is supported as follows: the travel expenses are covered by the origine country (here, France), and the local expenses are covered by the host country (here, Germany).

    2. Events. If an event in representation theory which takes place in one of these countries (let us say, UK) is (partially) supported by our IRN network, it works as follows. The scientific committee (or the coordinator alone) decides the amount allotted for the event. The amount has to correspond to local expenses of some speakers or participants (these costs are then paid by the host country, here, UK) and/or to travel expenses of some speakers or participants (these costs are then paid by the origin country of the participants).

    3. Cooperation with Japan. The cooperation with Japan works slightly differently. The main difference is that the budget from our project not covers any travel costs between Japan and other involved countries. For exchanges or events between Japan and involved countries, the IRN project finances only stay expenses: it is the host country which will pay the costs. Please ask to one the local partners (see below) for more specific demands.

    Note pour les Français: le fonctionnement de l'IRN est de faire des virements CNRS sur les comptes CNRS des laboratoires concernés. L'IRN n'établit pas de missions. C'est à chacun des laboratoires concernés de le faire, ils seront remboursés après.


    • Tomoyuki Arakawa (RMS of Kyoto): arakawa[at],
    • Hiraku Nakajima (Kavli IPMU, University of Tokyo): hiraku.nakajima[at],
    • Syu Kato (University of Kyoto) : syuchan[at]
    UK. Germany. Austria.

    Supported by the IRN


    • Journées du GDR TLAG, 24 et 25 juin 2021, organisées par Thibaut Delcroix et Pierre-Louis Montagard.
    • Colloque tournant du GDR TLAG à Rennes, 24-26 mars 2021, organisé par Tobias Schmidt.
    • Nikolaus annual conference, Aachen (Germany), December 2021, travel expenses of Maria Chlouveraki.
    • Enveloping Algebras and Geometric Representation Theory, Oberwolfach (Germany), Novermber 2021, travel expenses of Anne Moreau.
    • Research visit au Max Planck Institute (Germany), October-December 2021, travel expenses of Kenji Iohara.