Ph.D. Students

2021-2024: Yusen Long
2020-2024: David Zheng-Xu (with Gye-Seon Lee)

Master Students

Second year

2022 : Nicolas Gressier & Alexis Geroux, The Banach Tarski paradox
2022 : Romain Saunier & Nicolas Tokka, Clumsy wagon
2021: Paul Meunier, Groups acting on the circle
2020: David Zheng-Xu, Groups acting on the infinite dimensional hyperbolic space
2019: Maxime Cave, Mostow rigidity theorems

First Year

2023: Adem Bennouna, Robin Gaspard-Diderot, Théo Prosper, Construction of the Haar measure 2023: Mathieu Valière, Haar measure and Peter-Weyl theorem
2021: Adèle Feutrie, Léna Garland, Pauline Georges & Julie Vincent, A meter to measure the world
2020: Abdelkader Metakalard & Pierre Galois, holomorphic dynamics
2020: Lionel Nguyen, Classification of surfaces
2019: Paul Ottinger & Geoffroy Riehl, Classification of surfaces
2019: Oriane Géhin & Nathan Gillot, Mapping the Earth
2019: Mamadou Barry, Coverings and fundamental groups
2018: Mingyu Zhang, Symmetric spaces of non-compact type
2016: Meriem Bouguezzi, themes around the free group
2016: Rémy Cases, Nash embeddings theorems
2015: Pierre-Adrien Tahaye & Johann Verwee, Prime numbers theorem
2014: Lukas Melninkas, $p$-adique geometry
2014: Aude Picaut, Spectrum of the Laplacian
2013: Inès Mortajine, Euclidean Tillings
2013: Lucie Berriaud, Bézier curves and surfaces

Bachelor Students

2023: Anatole Couvez, Local fields
2023: Keffen Della Tore, Concentration of the measure
2020: Victor Thuot, Brunn-Minkowski theory
2020: Brice Didelot, Félix Fercot, Lucien François et Sekou Mady Kante, Math City Maps
2019: Jules Flin, Expander graphs
2019: Gabrielle Cognot, The Fourier transform
2018: Mohamed Moakher, Hyperbolic plane, projective lines and $SL_2$
2017: Valentin Rapenne, Invitation to non-positive curvature