Hyperbolic dynamical systems and resonances

  September 6th - 10th 2021, Porquerolles (France) 






The conference "Hyperbolic dynamical systems and resonances" will happen in september 2021, from 6th to 10st. We are looking forward to seeing you in Porquerolles.

New announcements and reminder

- Arrivals are scheduled on sunday 5th.

- Last departures are scheduled on friday 10st (no rooms are available for the night 10st/11th).

- The conference will start on monday. Please consult "Practical information" for further details about getting to the center (especially about trains to Hyères).

- A preliminary program is now available.

- Map of the village and location of the IGESA center here (PDF).




The conference will be held at the IGESA Centre, on Porquerolles island, Hyères, France. This is one of a three-island group directly to the South of Hyères, and South East of Marseille. The IGESA Centre is in the only village on Porquerolles Island, 5 min by foot from the harbour. The Island is part of a national park, which forms one of the last intact natural areas in the Mediterranean basin. It belongs to the armed forces of France as a recreation and meeting location.


For information: to arrive at the IGESA centre takes approximately 1h20 from Hyères airport
and 1h45 from the Toulon train station (taxi and boat transport).


Organization committee:

Guillarmou Colin (Université Paris Saclay, France)
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