Damien Thomine's web page

Maître de conférences at the Paris-Saclay University (Orsay, France)

General tools

  • MathSciNet (en).
  • Zentralblatt (en).
  • Arxiv (en).
  • HAL (fr): articles database (run by the CNRS).
  • TEL (fr): PhD dissertations database (run by the CNRS).
  • Mathematics subject classification (en): run by the AMS.
  • Library of Congress online catalog (en): can be used together with MathSciNet for reference hunts.
  • Math.Stackexchange (en): questions and answers website, mostly at college level.
  • MathOverflow (en): questions and answers website, research level only.
  • Page des tuteurs de l'ENS (fr): LaTeX tutorial.
  • Blogs

  • Disquisitiones mathematicae (en): Carlos Matheus' blog.
  • Gowers's Weblog (en).
  • Sketches of topology (en).
  • What's new (en): Terence Tao's blog.
  • Videos

  • Dimensions (en): geometry in four dimensions.
  • Chaos (en): chaos theory.
  • Miscellaneous

  • Images des mathématiques (fr).
  • Journées Louis Antoine (fr).
  • John Baez's stuff (en).
  • Greg Egan's home page (en). One of the most prominents contemporary SF authors; his short story Wang's carpets is highly recommended for any mathematician, and any dynamicist in particular.