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  • Enbis workshop Interpretability for Industry 4.0, Pillar 2: Interpretability via additive models 12-13th July 2021, Adaptive Methods for Short-Term Electricity Load Forecasting During COVID-19 Lockdowns in France, from GAM to aggregation of experts, are we still interpretable? slides

  • Mei, J.; De Castro, Y.; Goude, Y. & Hébrail, G. Precup, D. & Teh, Y. W. (Eds.) Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Time Series Recovery From a Few Temporal Aggregates Proceedings of the 34th International Conference on Machine Learning, PMLR, 2017, 70, 2382-2390.

  • Pierrot, A.; Goude, Y. & Yao, Q. Curve Linear Regression with clr The R User Conference, useR! 2017 July 4-7 2017 Brussels, Belgium, 2017, 33.

  • Mei, J.; Hebrail, G.; Goude, Y. & Kong, N. Spatial Estimation of Electricity Consumption Using Socio-demographic Information APPEEC, IEEE PES APPEEC 2016, 2016.

  • Cugliari, J.; Goude, Y. & Poggi, J. M. Disaggregated electricity forecasting using wavelet-based clustering of individual consumers 2016 IEEE International Energy Conference (ENERGYCON), 2016, 1-6.

  • Ba, A.; Sinn, M.; Goude, Y. & Pompey, P. Bartlett, P.; Pereira, F.; Burges, C.; Bottou, L. & Weinberger, K. (Eds.) Adaptive Learning of Smoothing Functions: Application to Electricity Load Forecasting Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 25, 2012, 2519-2527

  • Pierrot, A. & Goude, Y. Short-Term Electricity Load Forecasting With Generalized Additive Models Proceedings of ISAP power, pp 593-600, 2011.

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