Salammbo Connolly

I am a PhD student under supervision of Frédéric Bourgeois and Agnès Gadbled since October 2023. I am interested in symplectic and contact geometry, specifically Legendrian submanifolds and their interactions with other objects such as Lagrangians. I use generating families as well as methods from Floer homology, and am always keen to learn more !


Bureau 3S1

Laboratoire de mathématiques d'Orsay
Bât. 307
Université Paris-Saclay
91405 Orsay 


+33 1 69 15 XX XX



Upcoming events :

Events attended :

I also regulary attend the Nantes-Orsay seminar, the Symplectix seminar, and the Topologie et Dynamique seminar at Orsay.

Other activities

I organise the PhD student seminar "Semdoct de vulgarisation" at Orsay. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email about it. Also, I teach at the IUT of Orsay.