Model Theory and Algebraic Geometry.

An introduction to E. Hrushovski's proof of the Geometric Mordell- Lang Conjecture.
Edited by Elisabeth Bouscaren
Springer Lecture Notes in Mathematics 1696
(october 1999: a new printing is available, with some of the most
embarassing misprints corrected!)
1. Table of contents List of contributors
2. Preface and presentation of the volume

Text of a conference at the Bourbaki Seminar

Volume 1999-2000, Exposé 870, Mars 2000
"Théorie des modèles et conjecture de Manin-Mumford [d'après Ehud Hrushovski]"

TUTORIAL LC2000, European Summer Meeting of the A.S.L., July 2000

"Model Theory and Geometry"
Revised version of the tutorial for the Proceedings (jan. 2003) )

Groups interpretable in theories of fields , Conference at the ICM 2002 (Beijing), Proceedings.

Slides of some talks

A stroll through some important tools of model theory illustrated by the example of the Mordell-lang conjecture, LC'17 Stockholm, sweden, August 2017.
An illustration of the strength of the model theory of finite rank groups: a reduction of Mordell-Lang for semiabelian varieties ,
Conference in honor of David Marker, Chicago, October 2018.

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