GT des doctorants ANH et ANEDP
Microlocal partition of energy for dispersive equations
déc. 2023
Intervenant : Haocheng Yang
Institution : Université Sorbonne Paris-Nord/ENS Paris-Saclay
Heure : 14h00 - 15h00
Lieu : Salle 3L8

The energy of solution to linear wave equation is, roughly speaking, distributed equally inside and outside the light cone when time is large. This phenomenon, known as partition of energy, has already been applied to the study of blow-up of nonlinear wave equations. In this talk, we will present a generalized version in the framework of microlocal analysis for a large class of dispersive equations, including Schrödinger equation, (half-)Klein-Gordon equation, and linearized water-wave equations. A heuristic explanation and a formal proof will be given in the end of the talk.

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