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    A community which

    • Transmits its passion for mathematics to all  
    • Shares its knowledge with colleagues, students, and scientific and industry-based collaborators
    • Pushes beyond the frontiers of its own knowledge 


    The Mathematical Institute of Orsay houses:

    • The Mathematics Laboratory of Orsay (LMO, a Paris-Saclay University - CNRS mixed research unit: UMR 8628),
    • The Jacques Hadamard Library (BJH, a Paris-Saclay University - CNRS mixed support unit: UMS 1786),
    • The Mathematics Teaching Department of Orsay, which is part of the Faculty of Sciences of Orsay (FSO),

    which together make up the Mathematics Department of Orsay (DMO). The Institute also houses

    • The Jacques Hadamard Mathematics Foundation (FMJH), of which the DMO is a founding member.

    The DMO has close links with the Hadamard Doctoral School of Mathematics (EDMH) and the Graduate School of Mathematics (GS Maths) of Paris-Saclay University.

    Organizational Chart of the DMO

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