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    The master's degree is a graduate degree which is prepared after the licence, in two years (four semesters). The research master program offered in mathematics at Orsay, proposes courses in french and english. A curriculum fully in english is possible, thought more choices are available in french.

    The master programs in mathematics offered at Orsay are part of the "Mathematics and Applications" master, which includes all the master programs in this field at the Université Paris-Saclay. The master programs give access to a wide range of fundamental courses, forming the basis of the discipline, and also to more specialized courses based on research. These programs train the students for the preparation of a PhD (in academia or industry), as well as for the many careers available to young mathematicians in a wide variety of sectors of the economy (health, education, energy, telecommunications, banking, insurance, aeronautics, etc...).

    Announcement: The Graduate School of Mathematics is pleased to invite you on August 11, 2021 to our first international online welcome meeting. The language of the meeting is English.