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    New arrivals in 2022

    Welcome to Susanna Zimmermann (PR), Antoine Levitt (PR), Benoît Gaudeul (MCF), Thi Nguyen Dang (MCF), Matthew Morrow (DR CNRS), Cyril Letrouit (CR CNRS), and Etienne Boursier (CR INRIA).


    ERC Starting Grant

    Camille Horbez has won an ERC starting grant for his project, "Artin groups, mapping class groups and Out(Fn)".


    Death of Jean Coursol

    Jean Coursol passed away this Wednesday, June 1, 2022.

    He was a key pillar in the creation of the department's probability and statistics team. His death takes us back to the revolutionary era when applied mathematics pushed for a place in Orsay, a time whose memories are engraved in the walls of old maths building 425. Jean Coursol and Claude Jouron led the push with the support of some big names and strong-willed individuals, so success was never in doubt! Jean then gathered up a crowd of students and drove them to action, communicating his passion for applied mathematics as …


    Death of John Coates

    We have learned with sadness of the death of John Coates, Professor at Cambridge, and member of our department from 1978 to 1984.

    A tribute to John by Jean-Michel Bismut, Laurent Clozel, and Luc Illusie can be found here (in French).