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    Harmonic analysis

    Head: Colin Guillarmou
    Assistant: Delphine Lelièvre 
    Weekly seminar: Mondays, 2pm, room 3L8


    The main themes of the team are harmonic and microlocal analysis applied to PDEs, geometric measure theory, complex geometry, and dynamics in several variables: 

    • Theory of varifolds
    • Calculus of variations
    • Kählerian or CR varieties and Monge-Ampere equations
    • Bergman kernels 
    • Inverse problems 
    • Geometric measure theory 
    • Multifractal analysis, diophantine approximation
    • Microlocal analysis and applications
    • Real harmonic analysis, applications to PDEs 
    • Analytic torsion 
    • Hyperbolic dynamical systems, dynamical zeta functions
    • Minimal sets
    • Nodal sets of eigenfunctions 
    • Random geometry 
    • Conformal field theory 
    • Kato problem, Riesz transforms
    • Holomorphic dynamics 
    • Multizeta functions
    • Hopf algebras and mould calculus.

    Team members

    Nom Fonction / Statut Site Bureau

    Upcoming events

    Sept. 2024
    Séminaire Analyse Harmonique
    Uwe Semmelmann
    Universität Stuttgart
    14h00 - 15h00