Séminaire Probabilités et Statistiques
Bayesian nonparametric estimation of a density living near an unknown manifold
Sept. 2022
Intervenant : Judith Rousseau
Institution : University of Oxford
Heure : 15h45 - 16h45
Lieu : 3L15

(Joint work with Clément Berenfeld (Dauphine) and Paul Rosa (Oxford))

In high dimensions it is common to assume that the data have a lower dimensional structure. In this work we consider that the observations are iid and with a distribution whose support is concentrated near a lower dimensional manifold. Neither the manifold nor the density is known. A typical example is for noisy observations on an unknown low dimensional manifold.

We consider a family of Bayesian nonparametric density estimators based onlocation - scale Gaussian mixture priors and we study the asymptotic properties of the posterior distribution. Our work shows in particular that non conjuguate location - scale Gaussian mixture models can adapt to complex geometries and spatially varying regularity. This talk will also review the various aspects of mixture of Gaussian for density estimation.

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