Séminaire Analyse Numérique et EDP
Harmonic dipoles in elasticity
Jan. 2023
Jan. 2023
Intervenant : Duvan Henao
Institution : Universidé de O'Higgins
Heure : 15h00 - 16h00
Lieu : 3L8

Whenever the stored energy density of a hyperelastic material has slow growth at infinity (below |F|^p with p less than the space dimension), it may undergo cavitation (the nucleation and sudden growth of internal voids) under large hydrostatic tension [Ball, 1982; James & Spector, 1992]. This constitutes a failure of quasiconvexity and, hence, a challenge for the existence theory in elastostatics [Ball & Murat, 1984]. The obstacle has been overcome under certain coercivity hypotheses [Müller & Spector, 1995; Sivaloganathan & Spector, 2000] which, however, fail to be satisfied by the paradigmatic example in elasticity: that of 3D neo-Hookean materials. A joint work with Marco Barchiesi, Carlos Mora-Corral, and Rémy Rodiac will be presented, where this borderline case was solved for hollow axisymmetric domains. Partial results leading to a solution when the axis of rotation is contained (where the dipoles found by [Conti & De Lellis, 2003] must be proved to be non energy-minimizing) will also be discussed.

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