Séminaire Analyse Harmonique
Inhomogeneous cancellation conditions in local Hardy spaces and applications
Jan. 2024
Intervenant : Claudio Vasconcelos
Institution : Université Paris-Saclay, LMO
Heure : 14h30 - 15h30
Lieu : Bâtiment 307, salle 2L8

In this work, we present a new approach to atoms and molecules in local Hardy spaces $h^p(\mathbb{R}^n)$ for $0<p\leq 1$, where the local vanishing moment condition is relaxed. As applications, we provide necessary and sufficient conditions for the boundedness of inhomogeneous Calderón-Zygmund operators and we prove a local version of Hardy's inequality. Based on joint works with Galia Dafni, Chun Ho Lau and Tiago Picon.

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