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    Master Mathematics and Applications

    The research master programs offered in mathematics at Orsay are part of the "Mathematics and Applications" master, which groups together all the master programs in this field at the Université Paris-Saclay. The integration of a wide variety of themes and career opportunities in a single master degree facilitates reorientation during the two years.

    Three programs are fully designed over two integrated years. The two prestigious program, Jacques Hadamard and Mathematics of Artificial Intelligence, are designed to train students for preparing a PhD after the master program. Students have access to a very large choice of courses and are accompanied by a mentor in the construction of their curriculum. The Jacques Hadamard program covers the entire spectrum of mathematics, both pure and applied, while the Mathematics of Artificial Intelligence program focuses on the mathematical foundations of machine learning and statistics, with an opening to computer science. The agrégation program, fully in french, offers a preparation for the external agrégation in mathematics (specific degree for teaching in high-school in France). 

    In addition to the three integrated two-year programs, the Department of Mathematics at Orsay offers two M1 and six M2 programs. The M1 Pure Mathematics covers the whole spectrum of pure mathematics, while the M1 Applied Mathematics prepares students for a M2 in applied mathematics. The six M2s offer a wide range of themes and possible career opportunities. The main openings are the preparation of a PhD thesis (in academia or industry),  and many job opportunities available to young mathematicians in a wide variety of sectors of the economy (health, education, energy, telecommunications, banking, insurance, aeronautics, etc...).